Install RuTorrent with Docker on Rapsberry Pi

1. Flash Raspbian Lite

2. Run the following commands (through serial, SSH, or directly)

#install docker
curl -fsSL -o

#don't need sudo to run future docker commands
#make sure to log out and back in after this!
sudo usermod -aG docker pi

#make directories
mkdir -p ~/rutorrent/conf
mkdir -p ~/rutorrent/downloads

#make a container:
docker create --name=rutorrent \
-v ~/rutorrent/conf:/config \
-v ~/rutorrent/downloads:/downloads \
-e PGID=`id -g` -e PUID=`id -u` \
-e TZ=America/Vancouver \
-p 80:80 -p 5000:5000 \
-p 51413:51413 -p 6881:6881/udp \
--restart unless-stopped \

#run the container
docker start rutorrent

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