Dynamic DNS with Cloudflare and Tomato Firmware

How to set up Dynamic DNS with free Cloudflare DNS service using Tomato Firmware

  1. Login to Cloudflare:
  2. Go to DNS Settings under your domain and add an “A” DNS entry for Dynamic DNS (ddns used in this example)
  3. Get your API key from https://www.cloudflare.com/my-account
  4. Example Curl code to test if its working (Optional)

    curl https://www.cloudflare.com/api_json.html \
    -d 'a=rec_edit' \
    -d 'tkn=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE' \
    -d 'id=YOUR_DNS_ENTRY_ID' \
    -d 'email=YOUR_CLOUDFLARE_EMAIL' \
    -d 'type=A' \
    -d 'content=' \
    -d 'service_mode=0' \
    -d 'ttl=1'
  5. Get DNS entry ID – requires your API key, domain, and email address. Make sure you replace the parameters with your own.

    (Note – Open URL in a different browser, otherwise you’ll get errors):

  6. Search the page for “ddns”, or whatever you named your dns entry. Make sure your copy the {“rec_id”: that is at the top of the block.
  7. Test updating the IP in your browser. Look for success at the bottom.
  8. Refresh your domain’s DNS entries page to see if the IP became
  9. Copy and paste your modified URL from step 6 into Tomato
    Make sure to replace with @IP in the URL
  10. Refresh your domain’s DNS entries page again to verify that the IP has been set.
  11. That’s it 🙂
  12. Additional Info:

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